Look gorgeous for your favorite day!

The bridal suite offers a personal look at the brides...

So many pieces needed to create your special day, but let us not forget the bride-to-be! The Bridal Suite for brides offers a comprehensive list of Allow us to assist you in getting aisle-ready for your nuptials. From your headpiece all the way to your toe-piece, we want to make sure you look your very best & we do this in three steps:


 From top to bottom, we start out discussing your ideal dress and the best shops and deals around. Perhaps you already started looking for your gown or have your perfect dress, allow us to fill in the gaps as you say yes to the dress!

Step One:

Spanx, slips, silhouettes- the triple “s” threat! Which way to go? Allow us to guide you in navigating through the undergarment options and identify which is the best choice for you.

Step Two:
The Undergarments

Various ways to accessorize, one perfect look for you. We wrap up by exploring all of the ways you can personalize your look and get the desired style you’ve always wanted.

Step Three: 
The Accessories