It Takes Two to Tango

A First Dance to Remember 

           It was a bright summer-fall day and the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Halls were beaming after a gorgeous tear-streamed wedding ceremony. The bride and groom arrived at the reception, still reeling from their “I do’s”… the time had come to celebrate their nuptials!

            A mariachi band welcomed the bride and groom during the outdoor cocktail hour, right before the reception. Summer was winding down, but it was still appropriate for the band to perform the hit song of the summer, Despacito. What a treat! As the guests funneled into the reception hall, the bridal party lined up and prepared to enter the reception.

            The reception was set. Tall gold vases held up a stunning mix of white hydrangeas and pink roses, on each table. At the base of each vase, was a handcrafted canvas (created by the bride and her sister!) with the lavender tones of the wedding theme. Each place setting included a shiny gold charger  with a freshly baked macaroon, individually wrapped, at the top of each setting. The scene was spectacular. The bride originally planned to have an outdoor wedding, in which she would have hung lavender-colored lit lanterns to light the night. Due to some unforeseen conditions, the reception was moved inside. However! The bride still wanted to have lanterns, so we hung them inside over the dance floor; it was a sight to see.

            Each guest took their seat and the bridal party was welcomed to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”. The song slowly faded to Michael Buble’s “L.O.V.E.” and the bride and groom walked in and headed straight to the dance floor for their first dance. As the couple gazed into one another's eyes, they prepared for what would be a special surprise for their family and friends. 

L & A 2
L and A

            As the song transitioned to La Vie en Rose/El Tango de Roxanne, Laura and Allen performed a stupendous tango dance that left everyone in the reception wanting more! With each whirl and dip, the audience followed along, staring at the couple whirling on the dance floor. Laura and Allen captured everyone's attention in those few minutes and left everyone in awe.         

           This was a wedding to remember. Such a wonderful time and fun atmosphere the whole way through! Laura and Allen spent the evening dancing with their parents, bridal party, and each other. I can honestly say, I don't remember the couple being off the dance floor longer than a song or two! I especially enjoyed the couples first dance, because that is my favorite part of a wedding!