The April [Faux] Bride

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white.…or not.

The chapel was bustling with joy-filled family members and friends. The aisle was lined with teal and purple rose petals and the sunshine of the morning poured in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The officiant was in place. The groom was at the altar, ready to receive his bride. The bridal party danced their way into the chapel to Michael Jackson’s Love Never Felt So Good. Chloe (the pup) and the gorgeous flower girl, Lauren, strolled down the aisle leading the way for the beautiful bride, Patrice, to be revealed. The anticipation escalated as the guests prepared for the bride to arrive.


As the guests arose, the wedding march sounded in the background, and the groom stared down the aisle. As everyone looked toward the door, they noticed it was not their beautiful freckled friend, but instead a curly haired girl who was NOT the bride-to-be. Gasps turned into laughs as the faux bride in white started down the aisle with a sign in hand that read “Here Comes the Bride”.

Here She Comes copy.jpg
Faux bride

The groom had been bamboozled on the start of what was the beginning of forever with his bride, Patrice. His utter shock turned grimace then turned emoji-laughing face as the large wooden chapel doors opened to reveal his TRUE bride. As she entered, smiling ear-to-ear and arm-and-arm with her father, the bride could not help but giggle down the aisle. When the bride reached the altar, the groom could not stop laughing and gazing at his bride. She had successfully pulled off an April Fools joke to be remembered! 


          I am always so thrilled to see how couples intertwine their personality into their wedding day. Everything from the ballads chosen for the entrance to their sweet puppy trotting down the aisle, the Caltons’ included all the fun they have in their relationship into their special day. The faux bride was just the start of a ceremony full of laughs. As the ceremony progressed the bride pulled out what seemed to be the longest list of vows in the form of notecards that tumbled to the ground! The crowd laughed out loud and the groom couldn’t hold back either. The bride and groom said their vows and made their commitment to one another in front of  their loved ones and the ceremony ended in a beautiful embrace and joy that filled the entire room.


Just like the groom waited at the altar, wait for the real thing. We WILL encounter counterfeit versions of what God truly has for us in the way of jobs, opportunities, and maybe even a faux bride/groom. Don’t settle based out of fear. Always remember that you are not inferior, but superior. You are not a failure, but victorious. You are not set aside, but chosen. Chosen to live your very best life and called to live an extraordinary life! Be great, friends!           

Ashton Gardens, Sugar Hill, GA | Photographer: Craig + Unchong Obrist