You have been cordially invited!

You’ve been invited to share in my dream, my passion, and my life

I am beyond excited that you are here and that I get to share myself with you. I enjoy sharing my gifts of administration, service, and encouragement with each person I meet. Here’s a special invitation to a closer look

Who do you admire most?

I’ve known her since I can remember and she helps me view the world through eyes of love. The person whom I admire most is the only other person who knows me best, my mother, Xiomara. She is truly the embodiment of all things humble and noble. Her multifaceted creativity inspires me to make all things around me beautiful. I am thankful that she has given me her skillful hands and her captivating smile. Although she has beautiful physical features, I believe that her best characteristic is her ability to love people right where they are. Her inviting spirit makes her glow; she’s a light and I am blessed to call her mom.

What do you enjoy most about weddings?

My heart wants to say that I love everything about weddings! What’s not to love about the celebration of pure, sincere love? After all the planning, and greeting, and tying loose ends, it is so phenomenal to see the special day come together beautifully. There is one part about weddings that especially touches my soul, and that is the first dance. This wedding tradition is so symbolic of the covenant that the couple has just made, and it so gracefully depicts the journey that the couple is about to embark on. Some of my favorite first dance ballads are:

Lifehouse’s You + Me, John Legend’s You and I, and this 90s throwback, All My Life by K-Ci & JoJo

Switzerland Mountains | Summer 2011

Switzerland Mountains | Summer 2011

Where is the farthest you’ve traveled?

I flew over the Atlantic Ocean over to Europe and visited Aigle, Switzerland for the summer. I spent six blissful and studious weeks backpacking through Europe with my study abroad program with my alma mater, Florida State University (Go Noles!). My eyes beheld some of the most awe-inspiring cityscapes and sights. The most vivid memories I have are of the mountainous terrains and delectable plates I was able to savor. Take me back!

When did you fall in love with planning?

I distinctly remember my mother throwing a lot of birthday parties and gatherings when I was younger. She would create these elaborate party favors and venue decor. I was always in awe! She would wake my sister and I up early in the morning to prepare for the celebration that evening. It was such a wonderful time! Picture this: decor spread out everywhere ready to be hung and furniture moved to its proper place for festivities. I also remember all the delicious food cooking in the oven. For one party, I remember walking around as a little girl, and sitting in all the chairs basking in the beauty of the event my mother so masterfully fashioned. That was the moment I fell in love with planning! And before every event, the same feeling of excitement and anticipation rushes over me.

This is only a snapshot of my life and love for planning.
I hope to meet you and look forward to getting to know your dreams, passions, and life too!